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Surgical Services

Picture of Operating Room at Woodstock Hospital

Hours of Operation:

24 hours a day, 7 days a week


Surgical Services is located on the second level of the hospital.

Woodstock Hospital Surgical Services Department is comprised of a highly skilled team of nurses, physicians and support staff who provide progressive surgical techniques with modern equipment. Woodstock Hospital has five operating rooms and two Endoscopy suites.  Our team provides 24-hr access to both elective and emergency surgeries. The services we provide include Gynecology, General Surgery, Ophthalmology, Urology, ENT (ears, nose, throat), Orthopedics and Dental surgeries for adults and pediatrics. Our services also include a Pre-Admit Clinic, Telephone Consult Clinic and Anesthetic Consult Clinic for preoperative patient assessment. The Surgical Services Department ensures that whether you are going home on the same day your surgery is done, or being admitted for a longer stay, we do everything we can to make sure our patient's have the best possible experience. 

Pre-Admit Clinic

Prior to day of surgery, most surgical patient’s will either visit the Pre-Admit Clinic in person, or may qualify for a telephone consult only. Patients receive an information booklet from their surgeon prior to their visit and are asked to complete a preoperative questionnaire. A pharmacy student reviews all medications with patients in the clinic. Diagnostic testing may also be done at this time, if required. Click here to learn more about the Pre-Admit Clinic at Woodstock Hospital.

Surgical Daycare

Surgical Daycare is the preparation and recovery unit for outpatients undergoing procedures in the Operating Room, Endoscopy Suite or Diagnostic Imaging Department.

Operating Rooms

A team of physicians, nurses and support staff provide comprehensive 24-hour surgical care. Woodstock Hospital has five operating rooms and provides both pre-booked, elective and emergency surgery.