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Mental Health

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Office Hours:

Monday to Friday - 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

Accessing this Service:

Mental Health Services are available to all residents of Oxford County through the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) and guided by the Ontario Mental Health Act.

Due to COVID-19, Woodstock Hospital’s Walk-In Counselling program will be implementing pre-booked telephone counselling sessions. If you would like to pre-book a counselling session during our regular Walk-In Counselling hours (Thursdays between 12-6pm), please contact Outpatient Mental Health at 519-421-4223. Please call between 8:30 am-4:30 pm Monday through Friday. 

If you need to access the Oxford County Counselling - Welcome Information Form, please click here.


As a schedule 1 psychiatric facility, our Mental Health Department offers essential services and programs that provide observation, care and treatment to Oxford County residents that are experiencing moderate to severe mental health issues or concerns.  Our team includes psychiatrists, nurses, social workers, recreation therapists and behaviour consultants. For outpatient programs, we use a centralized intake process to review and assess incoming referrals in a timely manner and determine the appropriate program(s) and supports.

We have outlined the programs and services we offer below. Should you have any further questions, please contact our department at 519-421-4223.

Inpatient Programs

Inpatient Mental Health: Inpatient Mental Health is a 16-bed program with three Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) beds.  The inpatient care team provide observation, care and treatment to persons experiencing moderate to severe mental health symptoms. Our team works with patients and their families or caregivers to develop individualized care plans to stabilize symptoms.

Medical Social Work Program: The Medical Social Work Program is designed to support people admitted to an inpatient unit or connected to an ambulatory care service within Woodstock Hospital. Our social workers collaborate with other healthcare professionals to ensure quality care is provided during the person’s admission, and we help facilitate transitional discharge plans. 

Crisis Response

Our crisis team provides three core crisis services:  emergency room crisis response, brief crisis follow-up, and consultation liaison. Crisis response includes a mental health crisis assessment and brief follow-up intervention.  Post crisis follow-up is organized with healthcare professionals and community supports, as needed.  Consultation liaison services are available for patients who are already admitted, and are experiencing psychiatric crises within Woodstock Hospital.

Online Resource: Click here for Reach Out Information. 

Reach Out is a confidential 24/7 information, support and crisis service for people living with mental health or addictions concerns in Elgin, Oxford, Middlesex and London.

Walk-In Counselling

Walk-In Counselling is a drop-in program designed to support residents of Oxford County or patients affiliated with an Oxford County physician, who are experiencing mental health issues or concerns.  A single session therapy approach addresses the immediate problem that is identified by the person seeking support. This program is offered through a collaborative partnership with other community agencies. 

The Walk-In Counselling Clinic at Woodstock Hospital is available on Thursdays from noon-7:00 pm (Registration ends at 6:00 pm).

Click here for Walk-In Counselling Welcome Information.

Outpatient Psychiatric Care

Psychiatric care is available to children, youth and adults who may require an assessment for diagnostic and/or treatment recommendations.  All referrals to outpatient psychiatry require a physician’s referral.

Click here to download and print the Mental Health Services - Referral Form

Individual and Group Therapy

Brief Therapy: After attending Walk-In Counselling, brief therapy is available for individuals who require additional support. .  The Brief Therapy Program is an outpatient mental health service designed to further address the person’s presenting issue by offering up to three brief, solution-focused sessions.  Depending on the outcome, referrals to other internal/external supports may be arranged.

Click here for Brief Therapy Welcome Information

Therapy: Individual and group therapy sessions promote stabilization and provide necessary ongoing care, treatment and transition to people experiencing moderate to severe mental health issues or concerns.  Individual therapy services are available for people of any age.  For group therapy, you must be 18+. Individual and group therapy sessions are available to individuals who have attended our Walk-In Counselling AND completed our Brief Therapy Program. It is also available to individuals who are currently being treated by our Outpatient Psychiatry Team. 

Specialized Clinics

Med Clinic: The Medication Clinic is an outpatient mental health program available to people who require regularly scheduled appointments with a registered nurse for the administration of a prescribed intramuscular antipsychotic medication. Metabolic monitoring and management of potential medication related side effects are monitored by the nurse during scheduled appointments. People involved with Medication Clinic must be followed by a Woodstock Hospital consulting psychiatrist or a physician with Woodstock Hospital privileges.

Eating Disorders: The Outpatient Eating Disorder Program is a satellite outreach program funded and modeled after London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) Child & Adolescent and Adult Eating Disorders programs.  The program provides evidence-based, short-term treatment options including: Family Based Treatment (FBT) for adolescents and, Enhanced Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT-E) for adults (18+ years).

Prevention & Early Intervention Program for Psychosis (PEPP): This program is part of the Early Psychosis Intervention Ontario Network (EPION). PEPP is for people between ages 14 and 35 who are experiencing symptoms of a psychotic disorder and have not received treatment for psychosis or have had 6 months or less of treatment for psychosis.  Outside the 14 to 35 age range, clients will be assessed on an individual basis and the program will either provide treatment or refer the client to another more appropriate service.  Key components of the PEPP program include: access and early identification, comprehensive assessment, treatment, psychosocial support, as well as,  family education and support.

Behaviour Supports Ontario (BSO): BSO is a program designed to support older persons (primarily 65+ year old) living in the community with cognitive impairments due to mental health issues, addictions, dementia and other neurological conditions that can often cause responsive behaviours. Responsive behaviours may include aggression, wandering, physical aggression and at times wandering without specific purpose, most often related to the older person’s condition of cognitive decline. 

To be referred to a Specialized Clinic, please download and attach our Mental Health Services Referral Form that can be found below.