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Maternal Child/Women's Health Services

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The Maternal Child/Women's Health Department is on the second level of the hospital, units 2600 and 2800.

Accessing this Service:

At home, you will fill out a pre-registration package that you receive from your healthcare provider. Please return your pre-registration package at 36-38 weeks gestation. Currently, our screening desk in the main lobby of the hospital is collecting these packages. In the package, you will find a list of necessary items to bring to hospital and information on when you should come to the hospital to be assessed, regarding signs of labour or other pregnancy concerns. Please feel free to call the unit at 519-421-4210 if you have any concerns about the pre-registration process or if you feel you should come in to be assessed.

To limit potential exposure to or transmission of COVID-19, the hospital has implemented some restrictions and changes in the Maternal Child/Women's Health Unit. Click here for more information regarding visiting during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Maternal Child Unit welcomes over 900 new babies into the world each year. We provide individualized antepartum, intrapartum and postpartum care within a family-centred framework.  Holistic care provided within a multi-disciplinary team composed of obstetricians, midwives, family physicians, surgeons and highly skilled nursing staff, including lactation consultants.  In our goal to achieve Baby Friendly status, as recognized by the WHO, we collaborate with Public Health to ensure a seamless transition to home.

Visiting Hours While in Labour:

  • Limit of 2 support people in labour. Discuss with the nurse any unique circumstances.
  • The 2 support people must remain the same and they cannot exchange places with others for periods of time.
  • Family and friends may not wait in the waiting room outside of visiting hours for the baby's birth.

Visiting Hours Post Partum:

  • Daily 10:00 am to 8:00 pm.
  • One support person may be present at any time to be an active participant in the care of the baby.
  • Siblings may accompany your significant other and may visit during the day and evening hours with supervision.
  • We encourage our patients not to exceed 2 visitors per patient at a time. Exceptions can be made for unique circumstances. Please discuss with your nurse.

Keeping Your Newborn Safe:

At Woodstock Hospital, we have an infant security system which provides computerized tracking of all newborns admitted to the unit. An infant security band will be applied to the baby's ankle shortly after delivery (see photo).

We offer 24 hour rooming in with your baby and we would like to give you a few important tips to help keep your baby safe.

  • Make sure your nurse wears a pink Woodstock Hospital ID badge.
  • Know who your nurse is each shift. Do not give your baby to anyone other than your nurse. If someone comes into your room and states they need to take your baby for any tests or to weigh your baby etc., pull your call bell immediately to call for your nurse, to make sure this is appropriate.
  • Never leave your baby alone in the room.
  • Know where your baby is at all times.
  • Never take your baby out into the hallway in your arms. When you take your baby out of the room, please keep your baby in their bassinet.
  • Please leave the security band and ID bracelets on the baby until you are discharged home. If the baby's ID bands or security band comes off or loosens, notify your nurse to reapply or tighten them as needed.

Ensure that family members and friends wash their hands properly either with the hand sanitizer supplied or at the sink before holding the baby. This is the best way to protect your baby from any unwanted germs. 

Maternal Child Pre-registration Video

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