Intensive Rehabilitation Outpatient Program (IROP)

Woodstock Hospital offers an Intensive Rehabilitation Outpatient Program (IROP) that provides interdisciplinary in a clinic setting rehabilitation to clients with neurological, orthopaedic and cardiorespiratory conditions as they transition from acute care into the home.  The program promotes function and independence as patients transition from acute care to home and also strives to prevent hospitalization.

Each rehabilitation plan is individualized and developed in collaboration with the client to meet their goals.  The length of stay in the program varies and is based on each individual’s rehabilitation plan and averages 6-8 weeks in time.  To be eligible for IROP, clients must require a minimum of two health disciplines and can receive physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech language pathology, social work and recreation therapy.  A hospital based physiatrist provides physician support to clients and the team through clinic visits and regularly scheduled patient rounds.

Patient - Jackie practising driving on a simulator

Angie OT, testing Jackie’s brake reaction speed.

Patient - Jackie using NuStep rowing machine

Assisted by June PT, Jackie uses a NuStep rowing machine to build her strength.

The health care team consists of a:  



Occupational Therapist

Recreation Therapist

Social Worker

Speech-Language Pathologist


Physiotherapist/Occupational Therapist Assistant

Transportation to the program is the responsibility of the client and family. Options available include family members, Paratransit, city bus, taxis, and the Canadian Red Cross.  
All referrals to the Intensive Rehabilitation Outpatient Program require a Physician’s signature.

I.R.O.P admission Criteria PDF

I.R.O.P. Referral Form PDF

For information please call: 519-421-4206

Fax referral forms to: 519-421-4258 

Updated February 2017