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As a patient or client, what I value is

    Being an active, informed participant in my care
  •     having my opinions heard and respected
  •     receiving information, in terms and language I can understand, so that

    I may make informed decisions, in conjunction with my family and health care team

Being treated with dignity and respect
  • treating me with kindness, compassion and an understanding of my individual needs, regardless of my age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation or disability
Knowing I am listened to and have a voice
  • being able to express my appreciation, or concerns about my health care experience, knowing that my providers are actively listening and responsive to my feedback
Receiving the highest quality care
  • having timely and convenient access to the best quality services, delivered in a safe and well-coordinated manner, throughout all stages of my care

As a patient or client, I understand that …

I share the responsibility for my care and well-being
  • By providing accurate information, including changes in my medical condition and taking a pro-active role in the healing process
  • By being respectful of the rights, privacy, property and cultural diversity of all, including members of my healthcare team, as well as patients and their families

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