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Physician Listing July 2013

The college of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario

NameRoleContact Number
Dr. A. AggarwalInternistWH ICU
Dr. Faisal Al-maneInternist519-421-3323
Dr. S. AmanullahPsychiatryWH Mental Health
Dr. Michelle Anderson-KayFamily Physician519-533-1444
Dr. E. AntolinezObstetrics / Gynaecology519-290-5000
Dr. Nick BennettEmergency Room PhysicianWH Emergency
Dr. A. BighamOrthopaedic Surgeon519-290-9001
Dr. Jennifer BonnettFamily Physician519-421-7252
Dr. Paul BriggsFamily Physician519-537-7921
Dr. Joe BriouxFamily Physician519-421-7252
Dr. Andy BrockwayEmergency Room PhysicianWH Emergency
Dr. Rose DominiconeFamily Physician519-539-5621
Dr. Gamal El-SalvitiGeneral Surgeon519-421-1996
Dr. L. FernandoPsychiatristWH Mental Health
Dr. Karen FryerFamily Physician519-537-8515 x5
Dr. Gary FullertonInternist519-539-1261
Dr. William GeorgeFamily Physician519-539-1526
Dr. K. GreenEmergency Room PhysicianWH Emergency
Dr. J. HamiltonFamily Physician519-539-1111
Dr. Ken HeatonFamily Physician519-537-8303
Dr. D. HoRadiologistWH Diagnostic Imaging
Dr. Robert HumphreyGeneral Surgeon519-539-6622
Dr. G. JeremicOtolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery519-537-7509
Dr. David JohnsonOphthalmologist519-537-5052
Dr. Pongi KocsisFamily Physician519-539-5621
Dr. Gordon KrugerOrthopaedic Surgeon519-539-8581
Dr. Peter LabruzzoFamily Physician519-533-5485
Dr. D. F. LiuPathologistWH Laboratory
Dr. Derek LuiOphthalmologist519-421-1851
Dr. Malcolm MacLeodGeneral Surgeon519-539-4866
Dr. W. MarleyAnaesthesiologistWH OR
Dr. Donald MiettinenFamily Physician519-539-7401
Dr. Jeff NicholsFamily Physician519-533-5321
Dr. Donna OnishenkoFamily Physician519-537-5044
Dr. Christopher OungGeneral Surgeon519-539-9721
Dr. Jolie PunObstetrician519-537-5775
Dr. G. PedersonEmergency Room PhysicianWH Emergency
Dr. Richard ReddickFamily Physician519-537-6501
Dr. R. RobinsEmergency Room PhysicianWH Emergency
Dr. L. SandersRadiologistWH Diagnostic Imaging
Dr. Chris SmithObstetrics & Gynaecology519-539-9211
Dr. David SniderObstetrics & Gynaecology519-533-0865
Dr. Robert SternFamily Physician519-539-5622
Dr. Jonny TamFamily Physician519-537-6229
Dr. S. TauqirPathologistWGH Lab
Dr. Brock TompkinsFamily Physician519-539-1112
Dr. O. TugalevPhysiatristWH Rehab Clinic
Dr. H. UmerEmergency Room PhysicianWH Emergency
Dr. Elizabeth UrbantkeEmergency Room PhysicianWH Emergency
Dr. Richard VoegelinUrologist519-539-8575
Dr. Binh VuFamily Physician519-421-3350
Dr. G. XenoyannisOrthopaedic Surgeon519-290-2461
Dr. Norman YuFamily Physician519-537-6147