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section-titleBoard of Directors 20162017-20172018

The Board of Trust of the Woodstock General Hospital meets monthly. 

Members of the Board are all volunteers and must be a resident of Oxford County or be employed or carry on business in the County.

DirectorsEx - Officio Directors

Brent VanParys, Chair

Natasa Veljovic, President & CEO

Rick Shaheen, Vice Chair

Jayne Menard, Vice President of Patient Care/CNO

Ken Whiteford, Past Chair

Dr. Malcolm MacLeod, Chief of Staff

Beth Taylor, Secretary

Dr. Goran Jeremic, President of Medical Staff

Patrice Hilderley, Treasurer

Dr. Maritza Swart, Vice President of Medical Staff

Ezio Andreola

Deb Sutherland, Auxiliary Representative

John Cook

Mayor Trevor Birtch, City Representative

Tyna Crockford

Deb Tait, County Representative

Lisa Symons


Dixie Westcar


Patricia Wettlaufer


Carole Wilson


In addition to attending regular Board Meetings, Members of the Board of Trust may be appointed to one or more of the Standing Committees of the Board, which include;

  1. The Executive Committee 
  2. The Finance Committee
  3. The Audit Committee 
  4. The Fiscal Advisory Committee 
  5. The Joint Conference Committee