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section-titleStrategic Plan 2016-2019


The Strategic Plan at Woodstock Hospital (WH) helps us realize our mission, vision and values in delivering excellent care on a daily basis. Our new Strategic Plan will be Woodstock Hospital delivers high quality healthcare to the community in a state-of-the-art facility with exceptional healthcare providers. We hold ourselves accountable to our patients for safe, quality healthcare, while meeting the challenges of the economic realities and the growing needs of our community

We have framed our Strategic Plan within the context of the provincial Patients First: Ontario Action Plan for Healthcare to work towards a sustainable, patient centered healthcare system.

Our new Strategic Plan is our roadmap for the next three years to navigate the challenging healthcare environment of today and tomorrow. 

This fall, WH is developing our Strategic Plan 2016-2019. As part of our planning, we are engaging engaged our staff, physicians, community partners as well as the patients and families that walk through our doors. By understanding the most important issues affecting our patients, staff and community, WH can strategically develop a plan to focus our efforts and move forward as an organization.Thank . Thank you for your support during the Strategic Planning process. We look forward to sharing our roadmap to the future soon. 

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Read our: Strategic Plan 2016-2019 

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Our Strategic Plan 2016-19 will focus 2019 focuses on providing safe and high quality care, exemplary patient experience and leadership in regional care integration.