This year’s Charity Golf Tournament is on July 20th at Craigowan Oxford Golf and Country Club. A day of golfing and giving is what this event is all about. Proceeds from this year’s tournament will support the purchase of a brand new Automatic Coverslipper for our Laboratory Department.

An Automatic Coverslipper is routinely used in our Labratory to process tissue samples from patients. When tissue samples are taken and processed, such as during a biopsy, the sample is placed on a glass slide. The Automatic Coverslipper is used after the tissue is stained, to put a thin plastic film on the slide so it can be examined by a Pathologist and stored.

Our current Coverslipper is over 15 years old and in need of replacement.  A new Coverslipper will automate some of the processes, improve workflows and create efficiencies in the processing of tissue samples.  In comparison to manual cover slipping, an Automatic Coverslipper is much faster and will allow Laboratory Technologists to coverslip 20 slides per minute with effective sealing, leaving less chances of air bubbles forming on the slides

 The new Automatic Coverslipper would also be integrated with our current tissue staining instruments and decrease the time is takes slides to reach our Pathologists for diagnosis; therefore, decreasing the wait time for surgeons to receive results and getting patients on the road to recovery quicker. 

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