Speech Language Pathology


Speech Language Pathology Team

Contact Us at:

Tel: 519-421-4200
Fax: 519-421-4258 

Hours of operation:

Monday to Friday, 7:00amto5:00pm 

What service do you provide?

The Woodstock Hospital Speech-Language Pathology department provides assessment and treatment to adults with speech, language, stuttering, voice, feeding or swallowing problems.

The department is also the service provider for the Middlesex-London Health Unit tykeTalk pre-school speech and language program in Oxford County.  We provide assessment and treatment for children from birth to six years of age with speech and/or language difficulties.

Who provides the service? 

Services are provided by Speech-Language Pathologists who have a Master’s Degree in Communicative Disorders and are registered by the College of Audiologists and Speech- Language Pathologists of Ontario. 

How do I access this service? 

Speech Language Pathology Team for Adults

For Adults
A physician referral is required and can be telephoned in to 519-421-4200 or faxed to

Speech Language Pathology Team for Children

For Children
Referrals can be made through tykeTalk intake at 519-663-0273 or 1-877-818-TALK, Woodstock Hospital at 519-421-4200 or online at: https://www.tyketalk.com/online-referral-form

Where do I register on my first appointment? Follow up visits? 

For Adults
Enter the hospital through the Main Entrance and register at the Central Registry Desk.

For Children
Enter the hospital from the Athlone Entrance and register at the Registration Desk.

Where do I find Speech-Language Pathology?

For Adults: on the Second Level in room 2144

For Children: on the Main Level in Outpatient Therapy M500

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Updated February 2017