Prevention and Early Intervention Program for Psychoses

Putting the Pieces Together

Can psychosis be treated successfully?

Yes, there are effective treatments available, which are covered under the Ontario Health Care System. In Oxford County there is a Prevention and Early Intervention Program for Psychoses (PEPP-OXFORD) at the Woodstock General Hospital. It is dedicated to the assessment and treatment of individuals who are experiencing their first episode of psychosis. The program provides optimum treatment to suit the particular needs of youth. Treatment consists of safe and effective second-generation antipsychotic medications and a number of psychological interventions delivered within a comprehensive case management model. Treatment planning is based on a thorough assessment of the biological and psychosocial aspects of the individual’s presentation. The Program is committed to working in partnership with clients’ families. Whenever possible, assessment and treatment is provided without admission to hospital.

How do I make a referral to PEPP-Oxford?

You may contact {PEPP-Oxford) at 519.421.4223 for further information. Telephone contact with a clinician is available very quickly in order to address immediate concerns. A personal appointment to explore the nature of the presenting problem and to assess the likelihood of a psychotic disorder is available within three business days.The family or individual may wish to contact PEPP-Oxford directly and in strict confidence for further information. The assessment can be carried out either in our clinic or, if preferable, at home by a trained mental health professional. If the individual is regarded as showing signs of psychosis, or considered to be at high risk for imminent psychosis, a more complete assessment by a medical doctor (including a psychiatrist) will then be carried out before advising on treatment.

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