Nutrition Services


Nutrition Services:

519-421-4233 extension 2126

Hours of operation:

Monday and Thursday from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM

How do I access this service?

A written referral from a physician is required. Your physician’s office can make an appointment for you. The written referral is forwarded to the Nutrition Services via fax or with the client. Remember to bring your health card with you.

Where do I register on my first appointment? Follow up visits?

Go directly to the Nutrition Services at the Woodstock Hosptial, Athlone Avenue entrance, 310 Juliana Drive, Woodstock.

Where is the Nutrition Office?

Located in the Woodstock Hospital (lower level), Athlone Avenue entrance . The registration clerk can assist you in finding the office.

Who provides the service?

A Dietitian registered with the College of Dietitians of Ontario.

What services does the Nutrition Services provide?

Nutrition Services provides reliable nutrition information where the Registered Dietitian helps translate scientifically sound nutrition advice into practical nutrition strategies. The Registered Dietitian can assist clients on a variety of nutrition topics, from general lifestyle and nutrition counselling, to nutrition advice on special medical needs. The Outpatient Nutrition Services offer individual and group counselling. Individual nutrition appointments are available for special needs individuals, and special circumstances where group education is not appropriate. The Registered Dietitian will assess nutritional problems, assist in the development of a nutrition care plan, and monitor the effectiveness of the dietary changes. After attending an individual nutrition appointment or a class program, individual follow up appointments are available if required to assist with your nutritional goals.

Nutrition Individual Diet Counselling

This is a one hour appointment with the Registered Dietitian for therapeutic or nutrition related counselling. The Registered Dietitian can assist with various meal plans related to Cancer, Diabetes, Food Allergies, Healthy Eating/Weight Control (see description below) Gastro Intestinal Disorders such as IBS,IBD, Celiac and Lactose Intolerance, Nutrition for Children and Adolescents, Nutrition and Pregnancy, Renal Insufficiency, Reactive Hypoglycemia and Vegetarian.

Heart Health Seminar 

This is a two hour seminar for nutrition education related to elevated blood cholesterol and triglycerides. The education session will cover topics such as risk factors to heart disease, low fat & high fibre meal planning, label reading and product acceptability and active living.

Healthy Eating/Weight Control Seminar

This is a two hour seminar for weight loss nutrition education. The class will cover topics such as weight related to health problems, low fat and high fibre controlled energy meal planning with the Canada’s Food Guide, label reading and product acceptability and active living. The semianr is offered only to Adults. All children are seen in an individual appointment.