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Registered Laboratory Technologists perform the monitoring of drug levels, cholesterol testing, urinalysis, nutritional status, cancer identification, infectious organism identification and organ malfunction among other diagnostic tests.The laboratory is located on the main floor of Woodstock Hospital.

In Hospital Service: WGH performs laboratory tests for patients undergoing medical procedures in our hospital. 

Walk-In Service: Our hospital provides walk-in service for a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic tests, providing the patient has a valid Ontario Health card and a referral from a physician.

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Hours of Operation:

Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Frequently asked Questions:

Question: How do I access this service?

Answer. For this walk-in service, you do not have to have an appointment but you must either be a resident or seeing a Physician within Oxford County. A written referral from a physician is required, and you must bring your referral/requisition and your health card with you. 

Question: Where do I register on my visit?

Answer. Register at Patient Registration on the main floor of WGH. 

Question: Where is the Laboratory department? 

Answer. It is located on the main floor of WGH, off the central hallway. 

Question: Who provides the service? 

Answer. The technologists who perform the testing are registered with the College of Medical Laboratory Technologists of Ontario. 

Question: What services does the department provide? 

Answer. The laboratory offers a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic tests. Some examples include infectious organism identification, monitoring drug levels, urinalysis, nutritional status, cholesterol testing, cancer identification and organ malfunction.