Diabetes Education Centre


Contact us on:

519-421-4233 extension 2126

Hours of operation:

Monday through to Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

How do I access this service? 

You can set up an appointment yourself with the Diabetes Nurse or the Registered Dietitian by phoning 519-421-4233 extension 2126. Your physician's office may also refer you and make the appointment for you. Remember to bring your health card with you. 

Where do I register on my first appointment? Follow up visits? 

Go directly to the Diabetes Education Centre at the Woodstock Hospital, Athlone Avenue entrance, 310 Juliana Drive, Woodstock. 

Where is the Diabetes Education Centre? 

Located in Woodstock Hospital , lower level, Athlone Avenue entrance, 310 Juliana Drive, Woodstock.  The registration clerk can assist you with finding the office, or classroom, depending on the type of appointment. 

Who provides the service? 

It is staffed by  Diabetes Nurses registered with the College of Nurses of Ontario, and Dietitians registered with the College of Dietitians of Ontario.

What services does the Centre provide? 

The Diabetes Education Centre provides education and support to individuals newly diagnosed or with established diabetes and to their families. The Diabetes Educators through individual counselling or classes help the individual with diabetes develop self-management skills from blood glucose monitoring, general lifestyle, meal planning, to prevent complications and staying healthy while living with diabetes. The WH Diabetes Education Centre is also an Assisted Devices Program (ADP) registered Pump Centre.

Pre-Diabetes Seminar 

This is a two-hour seminar with the Diabetes Nurse and the Registered Dietitian, which provides education regarding general lifestyle strategies and meal planning to help delay the onset of Type 2 diabetes. 

Individual Diabetes Assessment/Diabetes Diet Counselling 

This is a two-hour appointment with the Diabetes Nurse and Registered Dietitian which includes one hour with the nurse for blood glucose monitoring and medication review, plus one hour with the Dietitian for diabetes meal planning and label reading. 

Diabetes Seminar 

Half day seminars available. The seminar will cover many related diabetes topics from diabetes management, foot care, meal planning, label reading, active living, stress, coping with diabetes, medications and travelling.

Gestational Diabetes 

This is a one-hour individual visit with the Diabetes Nurse and the Registered Dietitian to address the diabetes meal planning for optimal blood glucose control throughout the pregnancy, along with blood glucose testing.

Individual Diabetes Counselling 

This is a one-hour appointment with the Diabetes Nurse for the individual who requires advance education with their medication regimen or the start of insulin and/or adjustments of their insulin dosages. One on one counselling is also provided for the individual who is starting on an insulin pump (CSII) or requiring pump troubleshooting to improve pattern management.

Individual Diabetes Diet Education 

This is a one-hour individual appointment with the Registered Dietitian for the introduction of the diabetes meal plan or advanced carbohydrate counting meal planning. The visit is tailored to the individuals need and can include meal planning, label reading, and product acceptability, sweeteners, active living, and additional education for weight loss and high blood cholesterol issues.