Child, Youth and Adult Mental Health Services

Mental Health Services of Oxford County are available to all residents of Oxford County. The Ontario Health Insurance Plan and the Ontario Mental Health Act cover all services.

Who Uses Our Services

Children, adolescents, adults and families who may be feeling anxious, depressed, or stressed from lifestyle changes and relationships, as well as individuals with persistent mental health disorders. Individuals with an addiction and / or family violence may be referred to specialized services. Outpatient counseling is also provided after discharge from the Mental Health Unit at Woodstock General Hospital, Regional Mental Health Care London, Oxford County Hospitals and London Health Sciences Centre.

Professional Team

An initial assessment is completed by a Social Worker and if treatment is indicated, a referral is made either to the Adult Team, Child or Youth Team, consulting psychiatrists or another agency. The treatment team has professional Social Work and Nursing staff,with consultation provided by Psychiatry. Your family physician is an important member of the Team and will be consulted and informed of your progress with your Informed Consent.

To plan and provide client services we work in partnership with:
Adult Programs (over 19 years)
  • Initial Assessment
  • Individual counseling
  • Marital counseling
  • Groups (bereavement, stress management, short term treatment groups)
  • Medication clinic
  • Day hospital program
  • PEPP (Prevention and Early Intervention Program for Psychoses)
  • Psychiatric consultation (geriatric, mood disorders, psychoses) 
Child/Youth Programs (under 18 years)
  • Initial assessment
  • Individual counseling
  • Family counseling
  • Community liaison with agencies and schools
  • Group program for teens
  • Counseling and outreach services for London Health Science Centres: Psychiatric consultation (child and youth psychiatrist)
    • PEPP (Prevention and Early Intervention Program for Psychoses)
    • Eating Disorder Program 
  • Triple "P" Parenting Program

Access to Services

Individuals, community agencies, families and physicians can contact this service.If you would like to arrange an appointment, contact the Intake Secretary at 519.421.4223 extension 2342

The intake social worker will review your concerns and options for service in our programs and /or community services that would assist you and your family.

Office Hours

Monday – Thursday 8:30 AM – 7:30 PM

Friday 8:30 AM– 4:30 PM

Woodstock General Hospital is committed to keeping your personal information safe and confidential. Your privacy is very important to us.

For continuity of care, Mental Health Services of Oxford County endeavors to provide to residents and community agencies:

  • High Quality
  • Direct Service
  • Consultation
  • Treatment
  • Educationt o maximize Mental Health.

After the intake assessment at WGH, counseling may be arranged at our outreach office at Alexandra Hospital , Ingersoll if needed.Reaching out for consultation with a professional can be the first step in resolution of a problem.