Setup Guide for Windows Installation

URL to the Physician Remote Access is Please bookmark for future reference.

URL is also available from Hospital website as shown in below screen shot; under the Human Resources / For Staff / Link to Secure Remote Access for Physician.


If you are accessing secure portal for the first time then you have to install the VMWare View Client software, before actually siging in. The installation file (exe) of software is available on Hospital website for downloading.

Which Windows do I have?

Not sure if you have a 32 for 64 bit operating system? This can be located by looking at the properties menu from the start menu of your computer and right clicking on the computer menu item.

Software Installation:

Double click on the installation file (exe) of software and keep all the values default as you go through the installation wizard. At the end of installation you would need to restart the system. From the pop up, click on the ‘yes’ button to restart your computer. Follow the below screen shots:


Signing In

Enter your Woodstock username and password (wh-lastnamefirstname).

Enter your unique PIN number you were provided.

Double click on the "WHMD Desktop" to launch your roaming Single SignOn desktop.

Wait for few seconds while VMWare starts.

A popup will appear asking to install Juniper client, go ahead and click Run button.

Your desktop will launch within a few seconds depending on speed of your internet connection. 

Signing Off

Log of remote desktop, as shown in below screen. Once logged off VMWare will get close automatically.

Sign out from Juniper Client, go back to browser where you have started the WHMD Desktop. In the top right corner you will find a sign out button, as shown in screen shot, click on it.  

You have signed out.