Setup Guide for MAC Installation

Minimum required version of MAC operating system is 10.6.8


Juniper remote access for the MAC computer consists of installing 2 small applications (Juniper Network Connect, VMWare View Client) and ensuring that a current version of Java is installed and enabled in your internet web browser.

Secure remote access portal can be found at the following URL

Alternatively, this portal can also be located and accessed from the Woodstock Hospital internet site, by navigating to the Human Resources/For Staff/Secure Remote Access for Physician, as shown below.

Please ensure that you review these instructions prior to installing the software and signing into the portal.

Download and Install MAC client

Accept the typical software installation options to begin.

Drag the View Client application picture over to the application folder, to begin the installations.

Signing In

Once the application installation is complete, please navigate back to the physician remote access portal to sign-in for the first time and complete the remaining installation requirements.

Enter your Woodstock Username and password, as provided during your Single SignOn Enrollment (hint: wh-lastnamefirstname and password).

Enter your unique PIN number as provided to you.

Select the Network Connect “Start” button to begin the software detection and remaining installations steps. If your Network Connection software doesn’t start and you see a page similar to the one below referencing a “Missing Plug-in”,  Java is either not installed or enabled in your browser. 

Click on the “Missing Plug-in” message and be redirected to the Java download site to install the missing components.

Download and install the latest version of Java for MAC.


 It may be necessary close down and restart your web browser to enable the Java plugin and be properly detected. Sign back into the Juniper secure access website.

If you receive the following message after signing in, select the checkbox and click the “close selected sessions and Log in.” This will clear your previous session and allow you to sign in again.

 If prompted to allow the Java plugin , select allow.

Run the Network Connect application launcher.

Select “Always”.

Once installation is complete, Network Connect will start and can be minimized.


Now launch the VMWare View Client, from your MAc application folder.


Do not select the WHMD Desktop link, as this will produce an error.

Select continue on the next screen.

Enter the following information in the Hostname insert screen and select continue.

You will now be prompted for your network username and password. Enter your wh-lastnamefirstname  and associated password

Your virtual desktop is now ready to be launched!! Select the WHMD Desktop to launch your Single Sign On desktop.

If your desktop starts in Full Screen mode, you can move your mouse to the top of the screen to enable the menu bar to customize your screen size and other options.

To end your session, navigate to the Windows start button and select log off.

Navigate back to your juniper page and sign out.